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Weddings are a big business, and it is easy to see why when you realize that the average cost of a wedding in the United States is now between $25,000 to $30,000 according to industry surveys.  From the dress to the invitations, flowers, music, reception, caterer, transportation, and photography, costs can quickly escalate.  Of course, location plays a large factor in the cost of a wedding, as does the style, venue, number of guests, and individual vendor pricing, but many DIY brides and grooms on a budget manage to pull together a beautiful wedding for well under $10,000 with a bit of creativity!

wedding illustration There are many things to consider when planning your big day, but the first few include your budget, time frame, and who will be paying for the wedding.  It used to be traditional for the parents of the bride to foot most or all of the bill, but with today's couples marrying later on average, many brides and grooms pay for it themselves, with or without the help of their parents and close relatives.  Long engagements have the benefit of allowing for more planning time and a wider variety of available vendors to choose from, but brides and grooms who are more flexible on details can plan a successful event even on the shortest of time lines.

Weddings have traditionally taken place in a church, a courthouse, or at home, but today some brides and grooms are planning destination weddings to exotic locations for close family and friends.  Non-traditional brides and grooms may also choose to have their ceremony take place in a unique locale such as a museum, barn, art gallery, or botanical garden, and it is not unusual to see the bride wearing a gown with color accents or a casual knee-length number.  Floral arrangements can be tailored to any style or color scheme and have even been known to include unusual elements such as lemons or asparagus!

While there are a seemingly endless number of details to consider when planning a wedding, the good news is that there are also seemingly endless possibilities, making it easy to personalize your wedding in a way that fits both your style and budget.

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